Our Color vs. Store Bought Color

The difference between our color and the brand name box colors you find in your local drugstores and supermarkets is that our color is a highly superior product. Our color is graded as an “A” brand color, the same color that is used in salons across the world. Supermarket and drugstore box colors are graded as “B” brand colors.

“A” brand colors are double pigmented insuring that the pigment penetrates deeply into the hair fiber and cuticle, assuring outstanding coverage and long lasting color. They leave hair with radiant color and shine and the health of your hair will thank you.

“B” brand colors are not as high in pigment. To compensate for not having enough pigment, “B” brand colors use fillers. It is a watered down type of pigment and they therefore use higher ammonia levels to compensate. The color molecules drop which results in color washing out of your hair after even 1 shampoo. The “B” brand colors spend millions in advertising, but unfortunately not on the quality of the product.