My Natural Color

I’m so glad that you are here. Did you know that most salons offer a couple of “brands” of color for you to choose from? That is why I created this salon at-home store for you, so you can have choices like you do at the salon.

We proudly offer our My Natural Color line from Paris that is ultra-conditioning and moisturizing for natural-looking healthy hair. The My Natural Color line has a translucent dimensional finish that is true to the color. The color looks radiantly natural when light filters through your hair, giving your hair brilliant shine, and natural looking tones.

It is made from organic ingredients, like plant and flower essential oils including color-protecting antioxidant Grape Seed Extract for long-lasting color that extends the life, vibrancy and tone of your hair color.  It also contains Argan oil that adds natural moisture and nourishment into your hair.  It leaves your hair feeling wonderfully silky, hydrated, shiny and smooth. Even in humidity, argan oil helps your hair feel sleek, soft to the touch and sexy all day.

Grape Seed Extract contains high amounts of OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins), flavonoids, Vitamin E and linoleic acid. OPC’s stimulate healthy hair growth. Vitamin E and essential fatty acids are also important for healthy hair. These nutrients are rich in anti-oxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties that promote healthy hair growth, and will keep your hair looking luxuriously radiant and shiny.

Olive Oil is infused in the formula and is a natural healing power to repair and restructure damaged hair.

This naturally healthy product contains none of the toxic chemicals below that can cause skin irritation and allergies:

  • Zero Ammonia – (no ammonia damage, no ammonia irritation, and no ammonia fumes)
  • Zero PPD – (paraphenylenediamine)
  • Zero PTD – (toluenediamine)
  • Zero PPG – (Propylene Glycol)
  • Zero Resorcinol – (a hazardous chemical toxic to our immune system)
  • Zero Phthalates – (can affect hormones)
  • Zero Parabens
  • Zero Gluten

Read more about the complete list of our My Natural Color Ingredients
This beautiful color line can lift up to 2 shades or darken 2 shades, and will cover gray hair 100% with uniform results.
It will stay moist and turns into a no-drip cream when mixed with developer for easy application.
It has a 40 – 45 minute processing time.
Thankfully there is an easy way to find out if you may have an allergic reaction to our hair color. A simple allergy test will let you know. Even if you have used other hair colors in the past, a skin test needs to be performed. We include skin test instructions in every color kit.