My Natural Color Ingredients

My Natural Color Line List of Ingredients:

Aqua/ eau/ Water, Dihydroxyethyl, soyamine dioleate, Peg-3, cocamine, Oleic acid, Alcohol denat, Sodium sulfite, Methyl gluceth-20, Rice amino acid, PCA, Panthenol B5, Grape Seed Extract (vitis vinifera) Organic Argan Oil (argania spinosa) Organic olive oil, (olea europea) Parfum/Fragrance, Amp- Amino Methyl Propanol, MEA Mono Ethonalomine, P-aminophenol, Toluene-2-5 diamine sulfate, 4- amino-m-cresol, 1-amino-hydroxytoulene, 2-methlresorcinol, M-aminophenol, 1- napthol, 4- chlororesorcinol, 2-amino-4-hydroxy ethyl amino anisole.

Many hair color brands boast about being ammonia-free, but are still loaded with Resorcinol. Our formula does not use it because it is classified as a hazardous chemical and toxic to our immune system. What is used in its place is 2-methylresorcinol, it’s a different molecular structure which is much gentler for the hair.

The All Natural Color line does not contain Phthalates, which is used in a variety of hair products that can affect hormones.

We use no Gluten for those that are sensitive and get an allergic reaction.

We use no Parabens, which are hazardous and used in so many hair products today.

We have no ammonia – We use MEA mono ethanolamine, which is better than ammonia. It won’t dry out your hair, or make it frizzy, causing dryness and split ends to the hair.  Also exposure to ammonia fumes can cause throat and lung problems, and burning to the eyes.

Additionally, we use no PPD, PTD, or PPG.

Even though we use zero harsh toxic chemicals, and even if you have used other hair colors in the past, a skin test needs to be performed. We include skin test instructions in every color kit.