Straightening curly or wavy hair can be a delicate and dicey situation. You love the look of straight, shiny locks, but you’re concerned the heat from straightening devices will damage hair over time making it prone to breakage and frizz. You want to look pretty, but you don’t want to look like a scarecrow. It’s a valid concern! The reality is when heat gets into the hair cortex it weakens it and makes it dryer. The key is minimizing this hurt by protecting your hair from heat damage. Here are some tips to do so:

Use protection.

Never ever straighten hair without applying a protective product first. Think of these specially formulated products like sunscreen for your hair. You wouldn’t go to the beach on a scorching day without protection for your skin, would you?

When looking for products, seek those with deep conditioning treatments and built in moisturizers like jojoba and argan oils. You can choose a spray, crème, serum, polisher, cream gel or any other variety of product that suits your taste. Just be sure you use a product! Many products are designed especially for use with flat irons and target heat damage.

We offer and recommend two really high quality products through our site:

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Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydroMist Blow-Out Spray ($21.00 5.1 fl oz)

To achieve the perfect style after a blow-dry, you’ll need to prep your hair first. The HydroMist Blow-Out Spray® provides a weightless hold while acting as a style amplifier. High-performance volumizers allow you to style hair for the perfect blowout. Natural awapuhi also helps to protect the hair from damage.

Don’t overheat.

While it may be tempting to crank your hair straightener to the highest heat setting offered, don’t. Choosing the correct flat iron temperature makes a big difference in minimizing heat damage on hair. The best temperature for hair straightening is 375 degrees Fahrenheit – warm enough for effective straightening but not so scorching it fries your hair.

Skip the dryer.

Try to remember this rule of thumb: one hair straightening device per session. So, if you want to straighten hair that’s wet, do it with a hair dryer and big, round brush or let the hair air-dry first and then straighten it with a flat iron. Using both a hair dryer and a flat iron in one session significantly increases the potential damage to your hair.

Don’t straighten daily.

The best way to minimize damage to hair via straightening is to not over straighten. There’s really no need to straighten your hair daily and your hair will remain healthier if you don’t. If you want to get several days out of a straightening session, splurge and get a professional blowout.

We hope you’ve found these tips on how to straighten your hair without damaging it helpful. With a bit of preparation and protection, it is absolutely possible to get the smooth, sleek look you seek without hurting your hair in the process.