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Please answer a few quick questions so we know which hair color is the perfect shade for you.

Is your hair currently color treated now?

We ask because color treated hair responds differently to color products than hair that has never been colored before does. Your answer will help us know which product is perfect for your hair.

If you have colored your hair before, how does your hair take the color?

We ask so we can learn the integrity of your hair and get more familiar with you to advise you for your perfect color. Some hair is resistant to receive color or cover grey hair, while other hair types process color very quickly.

What best describes your hair type?

This further informs us on the best hair color for you.

What condition best describes your hair RIGHT NOW?

The health of your hair is important to us, this helps us determine what products would work best for your hair.

What is the length of your hair?

The length of your hair helps us determine how much product you will need for perfect coverage.

What is your ethnicity?

If you have grey, how much grey do you have?

When your hair grows out, how much grey you see informs our choosing the right color for you to cover those greys.

If you color your hair, how long do you go between applying your next color treatment?

This helps us understand how quickly your hair grows out, to better advise you.

Will this be a root touch-up or all over color?

We ask because all over color requires more product to cover all your hair, especially for longer hair.

Do you color your hair at home, the salon, or both?

If you know the brand and shade of the color you use, you will be able to easily match it to the color selections that will appear after you tell us just a little more about your hair.

What chemical treatments have you done in the past 4 months? (click all that apply)

This helps us know the integrity of your hair and what products would work best for you.

Which color treatments are currently in your hair? (click all that apply)

Knowledge is power. This helps us understand the complexity of your hair and which of our products would be best for you.

Which type of color product are you interested in?

If you are not sure which color is right for you, please watch our video or read about our color products in the "Learn More" section of our website.

If your hair turns to gold as a blonde when colored, or red as a brunette when colored, and you don't like that, please select one of the buttons below.

Generally, all hair color has an underlying pigment. Blonds tend to have gold and brunettes have red. If you would like the gold or red neutralized (not present) in your color formula, this will let us know your preference.