Frequently Asked Questions

Color Quiz Questionnaire

Your answers help our Professional Colorists determine how to customize the perfect color formulation for you.

If your hair is thick then it will take in a normal fashion. But if your hair is fine, it will have a tendency to take darker.

Before I Color My Hair

Even if you have used other hair colors in the past, a skin test needs to be performed. To perform the skin allergy test: Carefully unscrew the cap from the developer and open the tube of color mix. With a cotton swab, mix a dab of color and a dab of developer. Place that on a clean area on your forearm at the rear of your wrist. Replace caps securely on your hair color and developer. Do not wash off for 48 hours. If irritation, swelling or severe itching occurs, please do not continue to use your color. This result indicates that you are allergic to this product. See your physician before reattempting. If there are no adverse effects from the test site, proceed with the coloring application.

You can go 2 shades lighter using our hair color.

Yes, but we suggest going only 2 shades darker to be safe that you are happy with your end result.

If you like your highlights and want to create more of a natural color pick a color close to the color you have been using to touch up your roots, or try using a color a little lighter than what you were using to compliment your highlights without it looking too rooty. If you have any questions about your color, you can upload a picture and email it for our Professional Colorists to review, and someone will get back with you with an answer, or you can speak to one of our Professional Colorists that can help you with a formulation. We are here to help meet all your expectations using our product.

Yes, you can color your hair one week later after a perm.

Yes, But you have to wait two weeks after your Keratin treatment.

Please read your instructions carefully. If you wash your color out too soon, it will result in weaker color pigment and your gray will not be colored thoroughly.

1st time client kits include:

  • Reusable Color Bowl & Brush

Items in Every Kit Include:

  • My Natural Personalized Color & Developer Bottles
  • Gloves
  • Stain Guard (All Natural Body Butter)
  • Stain Remover
  • Mixing Stick
  • Step 1 Clarifying Shampoo
  • Step 2 Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Sample Shampoo & Conditioner for after coloring
  • Instructional Brochure

1st Time Client Kits Include:

  • Reusable Color Bowl & Brush

Items in Every Kit Include:

  • Low Ammonia Personalized Color & Developer
  • Gloves
  • Stain Guard (All Natural Body Butter)
  • Stain Remover
  • Mixing Stick
  • Sample Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Instructional Brochure

After You Color Your Hair

You can wash your hair right away if you like.

The hair around the face can be more porous. To prevent it from being more porous, start at the top of your hair, and work around the sides and back, and then finish by applying in the front.

Use a clarifying shampoo of choice and lather repeating it a few times to have a lifting desired color of choice. If needed repeat again for a lighter result. If you don’t have a clarifying shampoo on hand, then use an old technique by using baking soda. Take equal parts of baking soda and shampoo mix it into a paste, and lather into your hair from roots to ends working it thoroughly, rinse and apply a second wash of shampoo to remove residue. If you feel you have not met the desired color then repeat the steps again.

Yes, but if you like any of the samples we send to you, you can purchase any of these products on our website.

Please wet your hair with fresh water before entering in the pool. Try using a little conditioner in your hair, because that can help the chlorine “not” to affect the color. Following this tip of using fresh water, mixed with a little hair conditioner, will seal the hair without the absorption of the chlorinated pool water.

If you’re not completely happy with your hair color, Let us know how we can help you. You can request a refund for the amount of your product within 30 days of purchase minus the shipping cost.

Orders & Shipping

Anywhere in the United States.

Go to your account and then to edit Addresses and click the edit button next to Billing or Shipping address.

Go to your account and click on Payment Methods. Click the Add payment method to add a new payment method. Click delete next to a payment method that you no longer want to use.

When you order your customized color, there will be an auto-ship option that comes up in checkout. You’ll receive a 10% discount for using our auto-ship feature.

If you received your shipment damaged or did not receive your shipment after 10 business days, please e-mail with your order number and we will resend your order out to you promptly.

If you are using the auto-ship option and you want to cancel, you must cancel your automated delivery before it renews to avoid the billing of the next order or you will not receive a refund. We do not honor partial refunds.

To cancel your auto-ship go to My Account and click on orders. Click on the order number or view link. Under Related Subscriptions click the view link. Click the cancel link next to actions.

All orders over $35 qualify for free shipping.