Whether it’s a night out on the town at a new restaurant, or Valentine’s Day surprise outing, dates are something every woman looks forward to. Therefore, we want to pull out all the stops to ensure everything is on-point, including our hair. Here are five top date-night hairstyles to consider for your next big night out.

High Top-Knot.

Ultra-chic and shining with confidence, the high top-knot is a great date night look for women with long hair and who are not afraid to show off their facial features. To create it follow these steps:

  1. Add a soft holding spray or moisturizing product to your hair to tame flyaways.
  2. Using a wide brush, sweep your hair towards the center of your head.
  3. Create a high ponytail with a coated elastic.
  4. Twist your ponytail to form a circular bun.
  5. Wrap your twisted ponytail around the base of the elastic. After you’ve completed one circle around, tuck the remaining hair below the bun.
  6. Using a bobby pin, tuck any remaining hair under the base of the bun and finish with hairspray if you wish.

Half-Up Bouffant.

A bouffant is hair styled so as to puff out in a rounded shape. It’s a beautiful, soft look for a romantic date. Here’s how to create a unique version of a bouffant called a half-up bouffant:

  1. Add a light leave-in conditioner and volumizer spray to wet hair before drying it (don’t forget to add heat protectant first).
  2. Set the top of your head with a large curling iron and use a smaller one for the sides.
  3. Back comb the curls with a mixed bristle brush for full volume.
  4. Gently spray hair with a light hold spray and clip hair half-up.

Easy, Twisted Up-Do.

Don’t let the words up-do scare you! This date look is not some elaborate creation from a 1990s prom hair book. The easy, twisted up-do is simple, soft and takes less than 10 minutes to achieve.

  1. Start with second-day hair; no need to wash it.
  2. Curl random sections of hair around the hairline for added texture.
  3. Create a side part and gently pull hair to one side, slightly below the chin.
  4. Do a simple loose braid and secure with a coated elastic.
  5. Tweak a few sideswept curls loose around the face.
  6. Lightly mist with a firm-hold hairspray.

Wonderful Waves.

Wavy hair is perfect for almost any type of date, including active ones. It’s carefree, simple and very attention grabbing. It looks great with anything from a summer slip dress to cozy ski-clothes.

  1. During your shower build your hair’s body with volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Mist hair with a heat protectant and blow-dry with a large round brush.
  3. Pulling hair up and out while you brush to create lift at the roots.
  4. Wrap random sections around a 1-inch curling iron.
  5. After the hair cools, brush through the waves to tease the crown.
  6. Finish by misting with an anti-frizz spray.

Straight On.

Maybe you went curly on your last date with your beau? Mix it up and keep him guessing with a sleek and sexy straight look. Beautifully straightened hair says sophisticated and put-together. Here’s how to achieve it on your own without a professional blow-out:

  1. During your shower prepare your hair for straightening with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Spray damp hair with a heat protectant.
  3. Blow-out hair with a rounded boar bristle brush.
  4. Run a flatiron through the hair in sections
  5. Finish with styling serum and a flexible hold hairspray.

There you have five beautiful and simple top date night hairstyles. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to wow your beau on your special evening out.