Most women use all kinds of product on their hair and eventually it builds up and then WHA LA……you get hair cuticles that becomes insubordinate and mutinous. Not good……Well, there is a solution to mutinous hair and its called clarifying. Clarifying is all about the cleaning of every particle of goo on your cuticle. Its like scrubbing out a pan full of old baked on food. Its nice and clean so you can use it again to bake another wonderful cheesy rich dish. The trick, unlike scrubbing the pan, is not to do it too often so timing is everything. You can make your own clarifying shampoo  yourself by mixing equal parts of shampoo and baking soda. Then, apply to your hair while working it through from roots to ends. It will get rid of all the buildup in your hair. This can help your hair color take better and make your overall appearance prettier and healthier.  This step should be done before you get ready to color your hair so the color takes better while creating equal porosity from roots to ends. You can clarify your hair once a month and it is not recommended more often than that as it can dry out your hair. Also, make sure you apply a good moisturizer into your hair after everyone of these type of treatments. Get ready for hair that will be more manageable while looking great every time you style it!