Whether you have a jam packed schedule full of work appointments or a day full of travel with your family, sometimes you just need a quick and easy hairstyle to anchor you. Here are eight of our favorite fast, yet put together, hairstyles for those days when you just go-go-go:

The Side Pony

If the words “side pony” brings you back to the 1980s, come back to the present! Thanks to celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Emma Stone, the side pony tail has rebranded itself as an easy, classy and current look. It’s super easy, super fast and stays in place all day.  Here’s how to do it:

  • Tease your roots to give volume to the top of your hair.
  • Sweep your hair to one side and tie it loosely with a coated rubber band so that the hairs at top won’t lose its shape.
  • Add curls to the end of the pony or a few loose strands if you choose and go.

Unbraided Braided Hair

The night before your busy day is a great time to do your hair ahead of time. A super fun and cute look is unbraided braided hair. Here’s how it works:

  • The evening before your jam packed day wash your hair and blow dry it halfway (or wait for it to air dry half way).
  • Spritz your hair with texturizing spray and it up a bit before parting your hair down the middle and dividing it into sections.
  • Braid each section. The more braids you make the curlier your hair will look in the morning.
  • Go to sleep and begin your busy day unbraiding your hair to unleash gorgeous waves and serious texture that will last all day.

Inverted Ponytail

The inverted ponytail is a jazzed-up play on the original, simple classic. It’s certain to stay in place all day too despite how much running around you do. Make it like this:

  • Brush your hair and apply a bit of serum from the root to tip.
  • Gather your hair into a loose ponytail at your desired spot (the side works too).
  • At the base of the ponytail take your fingers and create a space (about the size of a ping pong ball) that your ponytail can fit through.
  • Gently push your ponytail through the loop and pull down gently to secure the twisted knot. Beautiful!

Messy Bun

The messy bun look never goes out of style and is a great compliment to any busy day. They’re as easy to create as a ponytail and work with any itinerary. Here’s how to create one in less than five minutes:

  • Bring your hair into a low ponytail and softly tease from roots to ends.
  • Loosely wrap your ponytail around the coated rubber band, tucking the end into the elastic and securing with bobby pins.
  • Tug a few face-framing locks loose and go!

Reverse French Twist

The French twist is a classic, easy look that works great no matter what you’re juggling on a hectic day. Adding a reverse element to it gives it a bit of flair. The steps to get this look are:

  • Gather your hair into a ponytail centered in the between ears.
  • Twist down—rather than up—to create a reverse French twist.
  • Secure with bobby pins leaving your ends as they are or add a little shine by patting in a few drops of your favorite hair oil. Gorgeous!

Volumized Pony for Short Hair

If you have short hair, you can still do something quick and special to keep it looking put-together during a busy day. The volumized pony is perfect for shorter hair. You can achieve the look like this:

  • Start with hair that hasn’t been washed for at least two days.
  • Spritz your roots with dry shampoo to soak up the oils and add some texture.
  • Tease your hair at the crown in small sections starting from the front – at this point your hair should look like a wild rat’s nest.
  • Smooth only the top layer of your hair with a comb and pull up half of your hair, Criss-cross two bobby pins to secure.
  • Tie up the remaining hair with an elastic and gently loosen the sides. Voila!

Easy Chignon

The word “chignon” is French for nape of the neck. It’s also a quick and gorgeous hairstyle that looks perfect no matter what you’re rushing to do. Here’s how to create a quick and easy chignon:

  • Separate your hair into three sections: left, right, and back.
  • Twist the left and right pieces back behind your ears, and unite them with the back section, securing in a low ponytail.
  • Make a gap in the hair right above the clutch, and gently pull the ponytail up and through the gap, creating a twist.
  • Tuck the remaining hair up and over the original twist, securing with bobby pins to create a low, fancy and functional bun.

Headband Updo

If you want to add some originality to your quick and easy hairstyle, a headband updo is a perfect way to do so! Not only is this look easy, but you can choose a headband as fun and unique as you’d like. The steps are as follows:

  • Place a stretchy, elastic headband of your choice over your hair.
  • Separate your hair into three sections, bringing two lengths of hair over each shoulder and leaving one piece down your back. Tye the back section off lower down to keep it in place.
  • Pull this tied-off piece of hair through the back of the headband, hiding the elastic, and bobby pin in place.
  • Twist both front pieces of hair and wrap over to opposite sides of the bun, further hiding the elastic, and pin in place. You’re all set to go and we promise your headband won’t come loose no matter how crazy your day gets!

There you have it! Eight quick, easy and beautiful looks for your hair when you have a day teeming with activities. No matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed to look totally put together and on trend regardless of what the day brings.