Let’s face it we love changing our hair color and trying new looks. I get it I love changing up my hair regular but you have to keep in mind if you are light and you want to go dark you have to go gradual one shade darker at a time. Let me share the 8 reasons with you and get you started on hair that can be enjoyed by you when you learn these simple steps and how you can try new color tones out and what products that can correct them if your hair goes a little wrong.

  1. If you are bold and want to try a new red and you pick a bold red your waiting the 30 minutes excited to see your new red and cannot wait to rinse it out and it looks a little bright at the roots us hairdressers call that “Hot Root” it is so important picking out a red closest to the shade you are now using…for instance if you are a level 6 blonde stay at a level 6 no more than a level 7 red, using a 8 or higher red can cause to much lift and creating a hot root lighter and brighter at the roots with darker shaft and ends. If you do have a hot root just wash it a few times and that should soften the look a bit. I suggest waiting a week or two and color it again this time use the level you are closest to what you currently see all over as the main color on your hair now. Choose a warm color tone that has red or gold with a natural tone to keep the results soft.
  2. If you are a blonde and you want to go darker like a dark blonde or a light brown and your afraid it may not cover well. You would be correct about this so I suggest clarifying your hair first and use very little conditioner so the hair can be ready to except color and the porosity of your hair evens out. Apply the color unto dry, clean hair first on the roots and then you want to pull the color straight through to shaft all the way down to the ends at the same time. Just to be sure, leave your color on a few minutes more for good measure.
  3. You colored your hair darker and your ends are muddy due to picking a smoke color or ash tone. The same trick can be done here with using a clarifying shampoo and scrub the ends really good. Sometimes these steps must be repeated again for effective results. In one week to two weeks use a warmer color with gold in it or a red tone the same level that you are currently working with. You can leave the hair color on less this time and that should keep your hair looking pretty nice until next touch up.
  4. You have highlifted bleached hair and still you want to keep your hair blonde but you want your hair healthy and it seems so dry after bleaching it so much. If you can handle taking a break from bleach I would highly recommend it. Pick a shade or two lighter from your natural hair color and touch up your roots with that level and give your hair a break! Make sure you don’t put the color too much past the roots as it can cause it to become ashy…Put a conditioner spray on the porous spots of the hair shaft to ends without touching the roots you can do that before coloring and that should help with the over lapping on the blonde parts of your hair. Use protein treatments once a week can help strengthen your hair and moisture conditioners are to be used more regular than protein…Because too much protein can dry out your hair. Keep it trimmed and try not to flat iron much due to using extreme heat can melt the cuticle causing hair breakage.
  5. Is your Blonde to yellow? Well most blondes get warmer in tone when washing it too much and using hair styling products on it often can leave the hair with buildup. If you get a shampoo with a violet base tone in it, it will cut the yellow and make your hair brighter and tone. Use a violet shampoo only once a week and leave it on the hair for a few minutes so that it can remove the yellow and make your hair look gorgeous!
  6. So you think your color is fading to fast and it is not lasting very long. Hair fades due to shampooing and heat…Use a premium shampoo and conditioner at all times…My Hair Color Formula sells the finest products that you can purchase right here on my site. Did you know that taking hot showers removes your hair pigment and dulls out your hair color pretty fast? Use tepid water not hot, use good shampoo but make sure you condition it very good for this can seal the cuticle and keep your color fresh throughout the duration until your next touch up. Freshen up your color for the last 5 minutes of your processing time but make sure not longer than that because it can dry out your hair and the drier the hair the less color can hold onto it. Hair color will not last long on dry unhealthy hair so make sure that you care for your hair by nourishing it and use very good hair products. Keep in mind about the heat we use on it and remember to give your hair a healthy break from drying it out with hair dryers and hot tools. If you take the time to care for your hair and treat it well, you will reap the benefits of looking good wearing it every day… unlike a pair of shoes you can throw away and buy a new pair hair is everyday…
  7. Coloring your hair with box brand is a no, no…Use professional hair color, it’s a must! Let me give you a few reasons why you should stay away from box color. Many companies are bought and sold plenty and then they go and change up a good product. Now we have a choice, My Hair Color Formula can be your choice in real hair color than the drugstore brands. Most box color brands have less pigment and more ammonia in them which means that the color will not last, not to mention dry out your hair and then you can see the grey hair through the color. The box brand spends so much in advertising than their actual product. Get with this hair color and enjoy how my product works and you will find saving money and looking put together head to toe is now made simpler than ever…
  8. Okay for those ladies who constantly head to the store to buy hair color off the shelf and pick a different shade or use a different company box hair color every time…You end up unhappy and regret the look that you got…Well you should probably stick to leaving it up to an expert. When you fill out your profile with us we can take all the guess work out of the finishing process can look like. We set it up easy for you to see only the options based on what you already have as your current hair color and what you can e offered now. We can help you by not making a mistake with picking the wrong color, we designed it just right for you and you can keep your hair color looking even and so natural that it will make you completely happy with the end result using us. Life can get complicated enough why not keep this simple and leave it up to the experts!