Hello Beauties!

As many of us know, gray hair can be trickier to color and maintain than regular hair. But with the right hair color, you can ensure your hair will stay vibrant and vivid until your next touch-up application.

Why does gray hair become wiry and totally unmanageable at times? Gray hair has a mind of its own! It doesn’t always cooperate but I’m so glad that I find products today are so much better than the 80’s error in which we were drying the heck out of it with gel and hairspray. I’m so sorry let me stay on track about this modern gray hair that we are dealing with today…The good news is I do have some important helpful tips keeping your gray hair at bay…

  1. Gray hair as a rule of thumb is the dryer of the hair than regular hair. It appears dull and lack luster in which can add age to your appearance. Using shine to boost up the appearance of dull hair will make it youthful and soft.

  2. If you have thicker hair using essential oils and argan oil will add smoothness and shine to your thirsty locks. If you have finer hair, it’s better for you to use a lighter weight oil or a leave in conditioner. Both thick and fine hair can stand to use leave in conditioners.

  3. Since gray hair is more resistant to color and may fade faster, your tresses deserve some extra protection. Preserving your color always, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners, using cool water than hot water will hold those color molecules a little longer.

  4. But! But! Make sure every time you color your hair, you start with it clean free of buildup all oils and conditioners. When you wash it, only use very little conditioner in removing tangles only. Hair color nowadays contain a lot of oil and keratin protein, if you don’t rid of your products in your hair, the color will find it very hard to adhere to the gray roots very well. I just want to make that clear in saving you time and turning out with greater results.

I strive to make beauty a little more affordable and looking great is pretty much my main goal today and every day after that! Take more time for you…If you have any questions please visit us at myhaircolorformula.com and send me a question or comment, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you!

Erin Dawson