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A Word From Erin

I am Erin Dawson, founder of My Hair Color Formula. Most of the time I am strapped for time to keep my hair color fresh and vibrant. Then, the idea came to me. Why not bring the salon to the client and not the other way around! Offering two lines of color, (see video for more details) my color line can make your hair the “Mane Event.”

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Why I Started My Hair Color Formula

Let’s face it, our hair is our identity and nothing matters more than beautiful colored hair, right ladies? That is exactly why I created My Hair Color Formula at home or when you’re traveling. As an owner of a major salon for years, I know how important looking good is. When I found this incredible product out of Europe and saw the results, I knew this was a gift I could give to you and you’re going to love the difference our formulation has to offer. With exceptional coverage and minimal fading. The Perfect Storm for improving elasticity, hydration and color that rocks. Give it a try!

Getting Started

Step #1

Find Your Perfect Color – Use our personalized color selector and find the right color just for you.

Step #2

Professional Color – Our professional colorist will hand-craft your selected shade to make sure we match what you request.

Step #3

Easy Delivery – Your personalized color will be delivered right to your door with everything you need to get started.

Get Started

Color You Can Count On

Yes its true, you can count on my customized hair color to keep your hair vibrant with more luster than a brand new diamond! Our custom made hair color will give you exactly what you need. Precise formulation by your very own personal hair colorist and you can relax knowing that we take everything that you provide to us in your personal profile into account. From your hair texture, the amount of grey hair and your skin tone, we will ensure your hair color needs are met at this very moment. When your personalized hair color kit arrives at your door, you will have everything you need to get started to achieve the same results as if you were in my salon. Enjoy using our product in the comfort of your home!

Ingredients That Love On Your Hair

Our color is the finest quality grade you can get in any salon and we offer two luxurious lines so that you have color choices. Read more about  My Natural Color and My Low Ammonia Color at-home lines.

The Gift of Time in a Bottle

If you’re tired of going to the salon every 4-6 weeks, or searching through a multitude of box brands and shades at the drugstore or supermarket for that perfect color, then we have a time saving option for you.

We have created salon quality hair color that we lovingly hand-mix with an average of 3 colors to create your perfect stunning shade. Just fill out our simple color form questionnaire, and your gorgeous color is delivered to your home, saving you precious time to do what you love doing most.

Blown Away! What our customers are saying…

I ordered my first color kit and I enjoyed my package off goodies. I really felt the product reminded me so much of what I’m used to in a salon setting. I loved the finished process of my beautiful colored hair. The gray coverage was amazing with the low ammonia formula. No itching and harmful odor with this product. I will use again as my new go to color. Next time I will apply a mask to my face after I color my hair to make it more of a spa day for me 🙂 . – Sarah B.

This is my first time using this at home hair color. I loved it! The product did not have a strong smell like what I’ve used in the past. My hair color took close to my real natural color and I felt I looked great and am confident in getting the job I am after. My hair is important to me… Thank you Erin and crew for finding me the perfect color!  – Theresa M.

I was nervous trying this company for my hair color but I found this site to be informative and user friendly. Thank You for creating a brilliant red copper that is wonderful! I’m getting lots of compliments and will be referring all my friends to you.  – Jessica T.

This is the best natural color line I have ever tried. This color made my hair look and feel great and it never stained my skin. I am allergic to some hair dyes but this hair color is as good as what I would have done in a salon. It makes me feel good that I can trust a company who really cares about quality. Kudos!  – Vivian F.



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